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The OTN Ryan K. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

His legacy lives on….

Ryan K. Wilson was a 2004 graduate of Bensalem High School.  During his time at the high school, Ryan was an integral part of the Owls Television Network staff.  His skill in cinematography was apparent from the moment he stepped into the OTN studio.  Ryan was the student who always went over and above to be sure that productions were excellent.  For instance, when we needed a video to recognize 9-11, and didn’t have time to make it since it was the beginning of the school year, Ryan pulled an all-nighter editing at his house and in the morning he came in with a masterpiece.  When assigned a feature for the district, there was never a doubt that Ryan’s work would be exemplary.  Ryan also was well known for the videos he would create on his own time that had nothing to do with school, but incorporated his sense of humor, and ability to do ridiculous stunts.  Ryan worked with his brother Jim shooting and producing documentaries as well.  Unfortunately, Ryan passed away in 2007, however, through this scholarship, Ryan’s memory will live on forever.

A portion of the proceeds today will go to the Ryan K. Wilson Memorial Scholarship, which the Wilson family has so generously set up to go to the student in OTN that has gone over and above in class, the way that Ryan always did.

Live Love – Stop The Silence

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